June 18, 2015

9 Things Not to Store in a Storage Unit

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flammables in storage unitEverybody wants to have access to endless storage, but some things simply do not fit in anywhere. By and large, these prohibited items are ones that will cause insurance issues for the people that own the storage unit. To get a better idea of the top 9 things that you will need to avoid putting into rented storage units, keep reading.

9. Things that will mold

Although it may seem subtle, anything that can create a moldy environment is strictly prohibited from a generic storage unit. Mainly, once the spores are released into the air, there will be a chance that these tiny particles can spread to other storage units. Because storage units in Houston, TX renters use them for archiving purposes and storing antiques, mildew and mold must be avoided at all costs. Some things that will create mold are wet items, plants, food and other organic materials. In some cases, for example with taxidermy, potential moldy items can be stored as long as they are enclosed in sealed plastic.

8. Things that attract pests

While some things like food may be obvious, when it comes to attracting pests, the storage rental company will be an expert. Houston storage companies spend hundreds of dollars each month to keep pests out of the storage units and they can be very prohibitive about what they allow. For example, cork boards may not seem like they are very attractive to pests, but rats will eat them because they have a scent. On the other hand, if you put the cork board inside of a hard, plastic container the smell will not attract rats. Other oddball items that attract pests are scented candles and taxidermy.

7. Combustible or flammable items

Flammable items might be obvious, but they can also be hidden. Clearly, storing gasoline or machinery with gasoline inside of it is not going to be allowed. The same is true of certain types of fuels such as kerosene for lanterns. However, what many people may miss are the harmful chemicals in some types of tools. For example, medical equipment may seem like a harmless item to store in a storage unit when you are clearing up the homes of departed loved ones. Construction tools can also sometimes contain chemicals that can become flammable when they are leaking and in a hot environment like storage units in Houston, TX.

6. Stolen property

Sadly, sometimes you can get involved with a legal scramble that leads to your storage unit being searched with a warrant by the local authorities. If you have any items in your possession inside the storage unit that are stolen (such as gifts), it can cause you to have problems with law enforcement that you would rather not add to any other charges you may be facing. In other words, if you have stolen property, it is better to only have it on one of your properties instead of two.

5. Drugs of any kind

Just like stolen property, having illegal drugs in your storage unit can cause you to have more charges added to your original charge. This legal entanglement takes place because the storage unit is on a separate piece of property from your living space. One of the things that gets overlooked when packing a storage unit are controlled medications from deceased loved ones. Even vitamins can be misconstrued as drugs by the police. While medications or vitamins may eventually get dismissed in court, it is better to avoid this in the first place because the charges could affect your bail. For this reason, always remembering to not store medications or drugs of any kind in a storage unit.

4. Living creatures and people (dead or alive)

Most people understand that they should not store a deceased loved one or pet in a storage unit. Despite this, what becomes the issue for storage rental companies is dealing with hunters. Because hunters sometimes want to use a deer head or animal hide for taxidermy purposes in the distant future, they may want to store them in a storage unit while they wait for the taxidermist to have availability. In addition to prohibiting dead animals or hides, loaded firearms are also prohibited from storage units.

3. Unregistered vehicles

It may seem like an innocent mistake, but unregistered vehicles are not allowed in storage units. Part of the issue is a legal liability for the storage unit owner in case of fire or other distress to the property. They will not be able to get the insurance covered on your vehicle if it is parked in a storage unit without being registered. Other issues with unregistered vehicles come from the local governments. The police do not want people to store unregistered vehicles because this is often a disguise for car thieves.

2. Anything that needs batteries, electricity or fuel

Do not forget that if it needs to be powered, it needs to be unplugged and checked before storing. Although many storage units have temperature control, there will be no electrical plugs unless you make special arrangements. Common items that are prohibited from Houston storage units that are frequently requested include aquariums and deep freezers.

1. Anything too precious

If you will miss it dearly if it goes missing, never put it in a storage unit. This is especially true if you have insurance on this valuable. If it is too big for a security box, ask the bank about other options that your insurance carrier will accept.

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