February 3, 2015

How a Business Storage Unit in Houston Can Help You Save and Make Money

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Houston Business StorageYou may be intrigued about the idea of getting a business storage unit, but are not sold on the finer points. Obviously, getting a Houston business storage contract will mean moving boxes and dealing with contents being offsite. However, if you are looking to save money, there are certain key aspects to storage units for businesses that might appeal to you.

How climate control has revolutionized storage units

In the recent past, storage units were filled with puddles, looked dirty and were thinly shielded from the outdoor elements. Today’s storage units are professional spaces with all the features of modern living including humidity reduction and temperature control. This means that you do not need to worry about your storage or archives getting wet, moldy or deteriorating as if you had left them outside beside a dumpster. This makes modern storage units for businesses ideal for electronics, furniture, records, photographs and paper storage.

Saving money on square footage

If you are tired of paying too much for rent for your business, renting square footage elsewhere may be a good option. For instance, you can rent a smaller office in a better location if you simply get rid of your need to store your storage onsite. In most cases, businesses that separate storage from office square footage find they are paying as much as $10 less per square foot. This quickly adds up, and some businesses find they save hundreds to thousands of dollars per month this way.

A more convenient and secure location for equipment

Do you own a construction or contracting company that has overnight equipment storage? If your current project is miles away, a better intermediate location may be a business storage unit. This way, staff does not need to return to the business location each night to drop off equipment. Getting everyone on time to the worksite is easier in the morning because the equipment is nearby in a storage unit.

Quit hiring expensive archiving companies

Climate controlled storage units are an excellent way to store documents and other types of archives. This is the same kind of environment provided by expensive archiving companies that promise to store your files and return them to you as necessary. Instead of paying the extra expense, you can store your archives nearby in a business storage area and have your own staff retrieve the documents from a retrieval system they create.

Keep once-a-year clutter out of the way

Business decorations can cost more than their original price if you have to use valuable floor space to store them. This is especially true if you have large winter holiday decorations. While you can continue keeping them stored at your business, imagine what you could do with the free space if you keep them in storage offsite instead.

Insuring your storage units

Insurance coverage is often affordable for businesses that use storage units that have surveillance. Insurance companies are looking for locked units, video surveillance cameras, gate access systems or 24-hour security desk services. In many cases, business owners find that they can rent a secure storage unit nearby that will be covered by insurance companies with ease.

The location and size of your storage unit matters

Any company with heavy equipment or storage will want a unit on the ground floor. While many storage units have a height of 8 to 12-feet, some storage will not be able to be stored vertically without shelving installed because it is too heavy. You will also need extra floor space in the unit if you plan to have regular visitors come there to drop off or pick up items. To find the best unit size, consult with the storage facility’s management team.

Hire us for your Houston business storage

With transparent pricing, top security and climate controlled storage units, we have everything your business needs to succeed. Give us a call about your offsite business storage and we will help you find the unit with the terms that suit your plans. We are always happy to help with any questions you may have, and we thank you in advance for choosing us. To get started, contact us today.