Business Storage

As a business owner you run into many things that you have to troubleshoot.  Storage for your business can be one of them.  With the high expense of leasing space for your office a simple way to solve your business storage needs are with a nearby storage facility.

Who Uses Business Storage?

As stated above, every business, no matter what it is, needs a place to keep inventory, supplies, and all the other things that accumulate in the course of its existence. Here’s a short list, just for the sake of example:

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical companies, as well as individual salesmen and representatives, need a place to store their samples. While a suitcase or the trunk of one’s car might be the traditional option, the inventory which fills a modern pharmacy – or rather, the theft of such inventory – is both expensive and dangerous. Reliable, dependable business storage provides both a holding space and peace of mind.

Food Service: Whether it’s restaurants, cafeterias, or a start-up bakery run out of an apartment kitchen, businesses in the food service industry tend to need space, and a lot of it. Storing unused furniture, shelf-durable food items, and other such things in a secure, climate controlled storage facility makes finding that necessary space a breeze.

Retail: Perhaps the most classic example of a business storage user are the owners and operators of retail spaces. A typical mall can have more than one hundred individual stores and shops, and each of them need someplace to put their stock and the tools of their trade. A good storage facility is just the place.

Realtor: Have a central location for many supplies in the realtor industry. Store your signs, flyers, door locks and other supplies that your group needs while they are out in the field.

Seasonal Business: Halloween and Christmas only come once a year and for an affordable solution for storage over the rest of the year, finding large storage units is your best solution.


Commercial storage has a vast array of uses, but it is important to pick a quality establishment beforehand for best results. In fact, the list provided above hardly scratches the surface in terms of a storage unit’s possible uses – a storage unit’s role and stored contents are as variable as the users themselves. To learn more about how A-AAA Storage can help keep your valuables tidy, secure, and ready for you when you’re ready for them, give us a call today!