October 29, 2012

Finding The Right Storage Unit For You

Categories: Self Storage Units

Storage Units in Houston TxFor most of us, a storage unit is not a major decision. Generally, a storage unit comes along as part of another, larger decision. You’ve bought a house, decided to move, decided to downsize, inherited a fortune, sold all of your expendable items and quit your job to go backpacking around the world for a while. Whatever the case, you’ve already put a lot of time and effort into making difficult decisions, where you store your stuff should not be another one.

There are a few things, though, you must consider before making that first payment on your mini storage unit. Hopefully we can help you find the answer, and get your on your way.

How close is the storage unit to your home?

If you’re putting away things you never want to see again, then going as far away from home as you can may be a good idea, or you could just send it out to sea on it’s very own raft. But if you’re putting away things you would like to eventually have access to again, then you really want to find a storage unit as close to your home as you possibly can. Whichever situation you find yourself in, we won’t turn you away. However, those living in or around the 77028 zip code may find our mini storage units (that’s what we call them in Houston) much more useful than those far outside of Houston.

How much will the unit cost?

Buying a new storage unit often stems from a major financial situation. You’ve had to downsize, or you bought a new home, or you’ve decided to remodel your home in a modern minimalist style – which is oddly somewhat expensive – and you need to get rid of a few things. Whatever the reason, you don’t want to spend too much on a room where your things will just sit – albeit comfortably and safely. We offer competitive prices on our month-to-month storage units, and our staff is highly skilled at working with you to fit your needs.

What size will I need?

Our mini storage units come in multiple sizes. It’s best to plan out what you will be putting in your unit, and how you plan to fit it in there. If you try to get a unit without actually detailing what you will put in, you can end up either buying too large of a unit and wasting space and money, or buying too small of a one and having to get another one to fit everything in. Go through our sizing charts, plan out what you will be storing in them, and then make a well thought out decision.

Will my things be safe?

Safety is a major consideration when you’re leaving your things in the hands of someone else. You want to know if it will still be there when you come back, and if it will still be in the same condition. Well, we have to keep this storage center safe; it’s our only one! Our site offers video surveillance, secure exterior fences, a keypad entry, and an onsite manager. We always have an eye on your storage unit, and we only allow you, and those to whom you give permission, to enter our premises.

Find Your Answer

If you’ve answered all of these questions, and you feel we have what you need, contact us today. We hope you have everything packed!