May 5, 2014

First Time Guide to Self Storage – FAQ

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Not everyone wants the same thing in a self storage facility. You may want to choose a storage facility that is near you. Maybe you want to be sure your personal belongings are stored in a facility with high security. You may also feel strongly about easy access or payment methods. Make sure to find the facility that fits your needs for the best experience possible. Research can often help you find the exact fit for your ministorage needs.


Make a list of things you want to store in your storage unit. Note their measurements. Draw a sketch of how they can fit in the unit. This can help you determine the size of the unit you will need. You may want to save room for you to walk in if you are going to use the unit often. When you visit the facility, pick up a self storage guide pamphlet which typically shows the layout and sizes of the units. Boxes can be stacked as long as the heavy boxes are on the bottom. You can also put shelves in your unit if needed. This might be beneficial for storing seasonal decoration so you can get to them easily when the time comes.

Storage Terms

Different storage facilities have different terms for renting a unit. Some require you to sign a 6 month or a yearly lease. Other facilities only require a month to month commitment. Make sure you understand the terms of the lease you sign with any self storage facility. Also consider payment options. Some allow you to pay your monthly bill online. Be sure to visit any Self Storage FAQ site they have online before visiting. You can ask specific questions that are not answered on their site when you tour the facility.


The key to having a good experience on moving day is to plan well. How will you get your things to the storage unit? Before you load up your truck, make sure you know where you will be able to park and how you will get to the unit from there. Some facilities have better accessibility than others. You will be able to determine this by touring the facility and skimming their self storage guide. If moving your things manually is going to be a problem, you should make sure the facility you choose has good accessibility to the units.


One of the risks people often worry about with storage facilities is theft. While storage facilities are sometimes the target of thieves, storage companies that make security a priority do not often have a problem. Many good storage facilities have security cameras, electronic gates, and people who monitor the areas. This prevents others from breaking into the units. Make sure to tour the facility to look for extra security before committing to a company. Also, don’t forget to buy a lock for your unit. You should not use a combination lock. A closed-shackle or cylinder lock are good options for high security.


If you are storing items that have a high value, you may want to insure them. While homeowner insurance may cover stored items, not all of them do. Talk to your insurance agent. They may offer separate insurance policies for certain items in storage. Be sure you read the terms of the policy to make sure you are clear about it.

Remember to do research and choose a storage unit based on your needs. Call A-AAA in Houston today to schedule a tour of our self storage facility. We’ll be glad to help.

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