March 9, 2015

5 Situations When You Need Temporary Storage

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temporary storage houstonSituations in which people need temporary short term storage are often unforeseen and stressful. They may suddenly find themselves with too much stuff and not enough living space. Renting a storage unit during this time may be the best possible solution.

Moving into a New Place

One very common reason many people need temporary storage is that they are moving into a smaller home or apartment. They will not have as much living space as they previously had, but they will still have just as much stuff. It may have come as a surprise. A job layoff, family illness, or other life changes can create emergency situations where families are forced to downsize their home or apartment. However, this change may only be temporary. Items that are sentimental or that will be needed down the road can be stored safely in temporary storage during this time.

Move in Date Doesn’t Match Move Out Date

Another problem that is especially frustrating for new homeowners is when the move in date does not match their move out date. Typically, this is not a problem. Real estate and closing agents are careful to make sure no one is out of a home; but every so often, there will be a kink in the plan and someone is stuck without a place to stay! In this situation, it might be necessary for the family to stay in a furnished apartment or hotel with their belongings in storage.

Your Family Grows

A new addition to the family can bring great joy whether through birth or adoption. However, they also bring more stuff into a limited amount of space. This might mean that the spare room will now need a baby bed and changing table. The family office may be converted to a play room. Eventually, the baby furniture will again be replaced with adult sized beds and desks. That is why many people prefer to store their furniture rather than sell it or give it away when baby comes.

During Home Repairs or Remodel

Whether your home was struck by a natural disaster or you are looking to make a few minor changes, having furniture and other belongings inside the home during a remodel is risky. First of all, your belongings may actually be in the way. It can be extremely difficult to do a good job on your remodel when you have to work around furniture. Also, your furnishings may end up with paint or nicks and dents from all the construction. One option for keeping your possessions safe during a remodel is to store them temporarily in a storage unit.

Staging your Home for Sale

If you are trying to sell your home, remember: Less is more! Often, families still have to live in their homes while it is on the market. This means potential buyers make appointments to come and see the home. They often inspect every closet and cranny. Most real estate agents suggest that sellers keep their possessions down to a minimum at this time. Any clutter should be dealt with, and extra furniture should be removed. Rather than getting rid of this furniture, it is often a good idea for homeowners to store any extra belongings they may have in temporary storage.

Temporary storage can be the solution to many different problems. Whether you need storage for the long term or just temporarily, make sure to find the storage company that works for you and your situation.

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