January 29, 2013

Best Websites for Finding Storage Unit Auctions in Houston TX

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Houston Texas Storage Unit Auction Listings | A-AAA Houston TX Storage CompanyIf you’re looking for Houston TX storage auctions to attend, we’ve done the research and found the best storage unit auction listing websites on the internet to make your search easier! We looked for three key features when choosing these sites: Ease of use, subscription or notification capabilities, and accuracy. If you’re a seasoned auction hunter or a first-timer, these sites will help you find the best deals!


This website may be for seasoned auction attendees, as it requires a paid subscription, but for the price you get access to many valuable features. Features include one of the largest databases of storage unit auction listings on the internet, exclusive access to storage facility auctions, sortable lists that can be printed, ad-free, regularly updated listings in calendar format, customizable notifications, and more. The interface is easy to use and understand, and one of the best features of this auction listing tool is that it allows you to personalize your account, choosing which auction notifications you prefer and how often. Definitely a good option for an regular auction hunter willing to pay for some valuable extra features, and they do offer a 7 day free trial for those just wanting a test.


AuctionZip is a great website that offers essential features for people looking for storage auction listings, and they can all be used for free (though some require you to create an account)! Their simple design makes it easy to search for auctions in specific areas, letting users search by zip code, and use filters like proximity, auction categories (storage, antiques, property, etc.), and keywords. AuctionZip also includes online bidding for items listed on the site, allowing users to bid for valuable belongings without leaving the comfort of their homes! You can sign up for email alerts, which you can customize by keyword or auctioneer, a helpful feature for auction hunters who are looking for specific events or items. This is an easy-to-use site that offers many helpful, free features for those interested in locating storage auctions.


This website is essential for anyone interested in attending storage auctions in Houston, TX. DailyCourtReview.com offers one of the most comprehensive storage auction listings in the Houston area, using a database that storage facility owners will update with important details on their upcoming auctions. With an option to search and find auction listings online, the website also offers a subscription option that will deliver the listings of all Houston storage auctions in print or online. A great storage unit auction listing site for every auction hunter in the Houston area!

Which Websites Offer Your Favorite Storage Unit Auction Listings?

We know all you auction hunters out there have your own preferences and tips, and so we’d love to hear from you! Or if you’d like to ask a question about our Houston, TX storage facilities, please feel free to contact us. Best of luck to all you auction hunters out there!