May 21, 2014

Grow Your Craft Business With a Self Storage Unit

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Storage Solutions for Home Based Businesses

With the growing popularity of sites like Etsy and Pinterest, there has been a resurgence in cottage industry businesses across the country. Woodworkers, pottery makers, jewelers and other craftspeople have found a marketplace for their passions online. Here, consumers hungry for something unique and original can search from thousands of artisan wares. Arts & crafts lovers are turning their garages into a workshop, spurred by the opportunity to make money doing what they love.

pottery wheel home craft business

People across the country are turning their love of crafts into successful home-based businesses.

If you’re considering starting your own craft venture out of your home, there are several practical considerations to take into account. You will have to plan for what tools you will need to create your products, how much space you will need for your workshop, as well as financial and legal aspects for running a home-based business.

In addition to workshop space, you will also need to keep in mind space for storage. With the cost of warehouse space out of reach for most independent craftspeople, most people make the mistake of limiting production to what they can store in their basement or attic.  Even worse, some will try to stuff their living spaces with awkward storage boxes and closets till there’s barely enough room left to sleep and eat! But a self storage unit presents a simple, cost-effective solution to this problem. By renting a storage unit, you can store more supplies and inventory, allowing you to increase how much you create, so you can sell more.

 Take Stock of Your Inventory and Plan Ahead

To make the best use of your storage space, it’s best to have a plan. Figure out your space requirements by writing down what you expect to keep it in it over the next year. Some examples include:

  • Extra Tools & Equipment

    You may have certain tools that you only used for that one special project and probably won’t be using again for a while (if ever). You might also want to have some backup equipment, like an extra table saw or sewing machine, in case your machinery ever breaks down. Since these are things you would only need in rare circumstances, it’s best to put them in storage and free up more of your workshop space for productive use.

  • Supplies

    Whether you’re crafting out of wood, metal or clay there can never be too many raw materials for you to work with. You may have a few small supplies available to you, but when it comes to larger materials, most artisans tend to only keep on-hand what they’re working with at the moment. With a secure storage unit, you can store leftover materials and keep a stock of additional supplies so you can tackle any project that comes your way. This can also allow you to take advantage of seasonal price variations, stocking up when materials are cheap, so you keep your project costs under control in the future.

  • Finished Products

    After you’ve finished that finely crafted table, metal yard art, or exquisite stained glass piece, you’ll want to display it and sell it no doubt. Despite all the hours of work and care you put into your finished product, it might take months or years before a buyer comes along. While you are ready to move on to the next project, what do you do with your piling up inventory? Some craft shop owners may partner with a consignment shop, which may charge a fee or take a percentage of the sale. Some may reduce their prices below cost, simply to clear out their shops. But with an affordable storage unit, you don’t have to worry. Take your photos, post your product online, and start working on your next project.

Make More of What You Love with a Self Storage Unit from A-AAA Storage!

Once you’ve figured out which items you expect to store, you can easily estimate the size of how much storage space you’ll need. Being able to store more allows you to create more, sell more, lower long-term costs and earn more money. A secure self storage unit is the perfect solution to turn your love of craft projects into a successful home based business.

A-AAA Houston Storage is a leading provider of storage solutions for small businesses in Houston. We’ll be happy to help you find the right size storage room for your craft business and answer any questions you might have. Ready to start growing your business? Let us help you choose the right unit for you.